Relapse Prevention

Your therapist will help you to identify warning signs and triggers

Relapse Prevention:

Relapse, the term used for a return to alcohol abuse and drug dependence, is not a necessary part of recovery and can be prevented. At Hira Health, we offer all residents relapse prevention therapy, which educates clients how to recognize the warning signs of relapse and intervene before returning to addictive behaviors.

Almost everyone who relapses first experiences a series of warning signs that pain is building to such an extent that a return to alcohol abuse or drug use seems to be the best answer to control it.

In relapse prevention therapy, you will be asked to recount your typical sequence of activities that starts a binge. Then, your therapist will help you to identify the warning signs and triggers specific to your life that can lead to relapse, allowing you to develop alternate ways of coping with problems that do not involve alcohol or drugs. This means, in part, developing non-chemical problem-solving skills to deal with high risk situations, difficult personal relationships, and other types of stressors.

Staying sober in rehab is relatively easy. At Hira Health, we want to be sure that you have the skills to be sober outside of rehab, in your daily life, to change permanently self-defeating behaviors. When you leave here, we want you to be prepared to lead your best life.