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The Story Behind Hira Health

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Our rehabilitation philosophy is based on providing our clients with a safe and healing atmosphere, where the opposite of addiction is connection.


At Hira Health we believe that different people get better with different means and that “one size doesn’t fit all”. Our program takes a balanced and holistic approach of different therapy modalities to tailor what is needed for the individual. At Hira Health, we take an entirely different approach to treating our clients. We know that not every person suffers from the same malady, which is why our experienced and professional staff deploys a distinct array of therapies to treat multiple issues ranging from drug & alcohol addiction to mental health disorders. Hira Health takes initiative to provide a community-based, non-judgmental approach to doing treatment. This approach motivates our clients to want to be a part of their own healing and to take action in their recovery. As the author Gabor Mate tells us, “The attempt to escape from pain, is what creates more pain” and hurt is at the center of all addictive behaviors. At Hira Health we encourage our clients to express their pain, feel it for the first time and in doing so, the healing process has already begun.


We assist our clients in uncovering themselves for the first time, exploring their hurt, their fears and most importantly their undiscovered passions. For passion creates and addiction consumes.


Our compassionate staff aids in our client care and they are the front-runners in helping in client discovery. Our entire community at Hira Health is on this journey to restoration together. Our staff employs the same principles to our clients that they hold for themselves, the principles of compassion, understanding, honesty and non-judgment. This is our philosophy. It is with this spirit that we inspire and nurture our clients to change their own lives, for within each individual lies the immense resources for self-discovery, understanding, change and love.